The Boy Next Door

Hi Guys,Today We are Going to talk about a Human Species Which is In Danger Due To Natural Selection.We are Going to talk about boy Next Door, Don’t Go By The Name,This Species is Not found in the house Next to yours,It is Very Rare ,And It Could Be the Case that hundreds Of this Species Habituated in Your Neighborhood and You Don’t Recognize Them Ever.It hase become very Rare due to modern Value System.This Species is Always In Dark.You Don’t Recognize Them because They are Really Right,Very True to Real Ideas of perception Likewise you Don’t See the Nudity of The Birds,But Suddenly if the Start wearing Ties then You’ll recognize Them,Adding more , There are Millions of ghazals Available on the Internet,But Adult Raps Are the most Downloaded Genre.We Don’t Recognize The Right one,We Recognize the odd one.

Now Let’s Discuss Lifestyle, Physical Properties and Other Philosophical Aspect about this Human Species.You Can find them in full sleeved shirts and cotton pants. They Could be Skinny,Bony and Even Fatty.They are of average Height,Not That much Good Looking Face and Not a Strong Appearance.They are Just Like That.


They are Introverts with Absolutely Shyness.They Have their Own world Which Nobody Knows Where Exists.They Just Go to Work, Come Back ,Eat and Sleep.Nothing Much Special about that.They Have Few Friends on Facebook and very Few Contacts in phone book.

Their Parents are always Worried about them.’Omg! What’s this Boy will Do in Life,He So Naive’.’He is Cow.’ These words can often be heard in Their Habitats.

They Seems to be boring Especially for their Female Counterparts Due to the Modern Era Propaganda Of fake Masculinity.This Species is often Unable To genrate Qualities To attract Opposite sex.They Don’t Have Huge Bank balances, Super bikes,Six Pack Abs,And Goodness In Bed.

Thank God To the Internet they Can Virtually Satisfy Their Desires.Because of this Inability They Often didn’t Get Married,And if Somebody With God’s grace get that Chance then He is Too late,He Have to witness Daily Quarrles.When He get more older He Watch Dreams through The eyes of children.He always wanted them To go outside.He wanted Them To diffrent,So that they Can stand out And become far better Then him.So he Will do anything even Punishing Them .Result of this Would be the old age home.

This Species Often Hate their Parents but they Never Express it.Because when They Needed Them Most,Their Parents Were Busy in Blaming Them And Comparing Them with Other Street Smart Bearded Guys .However They aren’t Capable to fill old age homes Because it takes to much courage To be Bad and these guys are literally Bad in being Bad

After facing so much Quarrels in home, Workplaces,TV Debates and Religious Scriptures,They Just Get Suffocated and Finally Die.Only few friends cry Originally For them on the time of Cremation.

But from the Inner side, these Guys Are not that Much Naïve,They Understand everything, infact those things which we can’t Even think.They are Gems who are Covered in dust Till Cremation.They are really Faithful to their Wife,Boss, Children, Society, Religion and Country who often Cheat Them.

They Could Be Atheist or Religious Because of The Same Reason i.e Failure.But believe me they aren’t Dumb.They Have A really Sharp mind.They Seems to be Nerd But they are Scholars.

Every Girl had a Dream of Prince Charming,But princes Are made on their Father’s Wealth, While These Guys Are Kings Of heart.They Just Need Recognition,Love and Companionship And You Don’t Know what they Can give You in Return.So Join them To the Dark.

5 thoughts on “The Boy Next Door

  1. Thank you. I went to school with him when we were both 11 years old. It had to be written in a book somewhere I think. Do you believe in Kismat?

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