The Smog On Soul

Yea, Once again, Winters are back ,The Season of Weddings,Parties, Running Noses,Cute Cloths and Long Sleeps is Back Especially In Northern Part of The Country. But in Recent Years,We have witnessed a New phenomenon called Smog in this season , A kind of fog in sky due to pollution.Our Sages have Said Centuries ago that everything which is inside the Universe,Is inside everyone.

So if Smog is outside, it is also inside. Yea Guys,outer Smog is a reflection of inner greed of humanity.There is A huge Smog developed in Recent decades on the very essence of humanity.

The Smog of Greed,Lust,and Silly ambitions have covered the purity of the humanity.Now we are not viewing human beings,We actually Viewing a complex of Evil,Devil and off course Machines.These Machine Really Don’t have Neither Heart Nor Head and I mean Really.

You May Die on Road crying and begging for help but nobody will help you.No please don’t think that these are common Coward people who have to look at their Families They don’t want to bear the curse of being Human,No,Never,If it is like that then They were not Making Videos and uploading it on Social Media.Come on Guys, Humans are Not so Simple to be feared by Responsibility.


They just Want to have Fun.Death is Funny,A Mentally challange Woman’s Rape on a Running Street in broad daylight,Shooting and Mass Killings in Night club by 57 years Old Man in so called Most Developed Society is also Funny and rare but Marriage Of A Bollywood Film star is A very Serious Issue to be ponder on.

Everything has happened which you can think As Dark As It could be , World wars, Killings of parents, Siblings, Religious Wars, Incest, Objectification of Human beings, Porn star’s Penetration in a religious Society,and Beard. Yea, Everything Was Happened Already.Not So Much to do and Night is Still Young.

Smog is Getting very Dark.A Life is Governed By Various Laws Of Relativity, Quantum mechanics and Off course by Government Laws.

So Smog has to be thicker.It will be Thicker Un till its Get Really Dark

8 thoughts on “The Smog On Soul

  1. The smog of soul can be reduced to great extent by practicing & spreading loving kindness. We would have to search inside & shall take a pledge of not indulging in such actions which are harm full for fellow living beings and also enviornment.

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