The Kites Of Delhi

Yea it’s August , The month in which India got independence 70 years ago.

To celebrate this people fly kites in Northern part of India especially in Delhi. A kite in Delhi is mostly manufactured in other parts of country, wholesale Market is in chandani chowk , after that it reaches local market and at the end it cut down to any roof Hearing aai bo . But that’s not as simple as that.

Two kites fighting in the blue sky , with all of it’s deep blueness which exactly isn’t blue witnesses The battle of neighbors, the Battle which is fought by every man , to which Darwin said only the fittest will survive.

The most of the patang baaz are the young guys who is fighting within themselves. They are fighting with what they have been taught by society and what they actually see in society . You can have one of the most middle class, urban, cleaver , dirty , street smart, frustrated, Sexual , Secular and violent yet civilized by the enforcement of the law in Northern part of the country, My country India.

Young guys talk about bhabies and aunties , and share there sex encounter experience with these bhabies to their friends . It’s hard to find virgin boys in this part. Here people don’t see a women first they see cleavages and asses first. It is the most Sexual and sexually sick part of humanity. It’s very normal to hear mc,bc ,bhosdi ke on the road . You can see fathers using these slang in front of there young kids , boys and sometimes girls and ladies also using or abusing in local quarrels over parking , seat in buses, waste etc.

you can also see fathers and sons drinking together in the marriages and other functions. And what about marriage omg!, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to show your wealth , more than 500 witness are present in the function yet you can’t be sure about loyalty of your husband or wife, after a few years of marriage if couple is educated then wife may be a bhabhiji of young lads of mohalla, and husband may be the play boy of the office. if you are good women then you have to wake up at 4am and sleep at 2 am . In this part being innocent is a crime, and it’s good to be bad

And fight omg!

if you are angry , come to delhi Uttar pradesh punjab , haryana j&k and you can get a Million reasons For quarreling especially in Delhi. You can fight over waste , dustbins ,gol gappas almost any thing. You can kill or have the license to kill in Road Rages , over Dahi,and bees Rupaye here. You can rape or have the license to rape your five year old daughter ,yes how much shitty it sound but after desi nothing seems impossible.

To be a graduate here you need to have 40 percent marks to get admission in correspondence to become A BA, BCom or Bsc.

People are not only hot headed here they are very religious yes religious, the fear of religion you can hear in April and October shouting in loudspeaker jai mata di, allah ho akbar and what you can’t hear is the screaming of women in the house after get beaten by their hubbies.

This is not just because of the historical reason because this part of the country has witness thousands of attacks by muslims , britishers and many more, it has Millions of other reason. But the ultimate effect of get Born in this society is that it kills your ability to reason , love , innocence,and the most important the will to live.

So as far as the kites are concerned they will be bought , fly in the skies of different areas and Mohalla,hearing aai bo in this almost dead society. And if you’re born here the fight within continues…….

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